Green Initiatives

As the company handles more than S$40 million worth of procurement contracts per annum, we play an important role in contributing back to the Built Environment of Singapore by driving the use of greener products, greener systems and greener practices whenever possible.

ISO-TEAM Group has in place a Green Procurement Policy to identify and differentiate products and methods which are greener than the prevailing, looking critically into its product life cycle, safety & health considerations, energy and water savings, its ecology rucksack, sustainable maintainability, safe disposal, and as much as possible, planned obsolescence.


“Moving ahead, the company has set challenging green procurement targets to achieve its environmental vision. As illustrated in our green icon above,... [more]


“Reducing the impact we have on nature in our day to day activities: Use Green Diesel for our fleet of lorries and machineries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,... [more]