ISO-TEAM Group represents more than two decades of excellence in upgrading, retrofitting and maintenance of the Built Environment in Singapore. Entrusted with Government initiatives to reshape the landscape of public housings, their amenities and the surrounding environment, the group has successfully rejuvenated numerous precincts year after year.

As one of Singapore’s leading Facilities Maintenance Specialist in the public sector arena, our corporate mission is to advance Singapore’s vision for eco-friendly buildings. ISO-TEAM Group practices Green Procurement with a codified green procurement policy for our group and strongly advocates the use of eco-friendly designs and products in our projects.


“Light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs present many advantages over incandescent and fluorescent light sources. These include lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, faster switching, lesser heat emission, no humming and flickering... [more]


“At the heart of our Green Vision is to minimize resource depletion, encourage reuse and recycling, hence ISO-TEAM Group embraces efforts in façade restoration and cleaning to extend the useful life and sustain the aesthetic appeal of building envelops... [more]


“Entrenched in ISO-TEAM’s corporate culture is the spirit of giving back to society. We encourage our staff to engage actively in socially responsible activities and in community services... [more]