Internet Marketing
Showcasing your products/ services 24/7

Using the internet as platform, we help our clients to create awareness of their products and services

  • Website
  • List Building
  • Getting Traffic
  • Social Media Marketing
  • With the rising popularity of iphones and smart phones, internet access is available to almost everyone, and anywhere.

    Hence having Internet Marketing is an essential part for any business in this modern society.


    Video Titan
    Be part of the Youtube phenomenon

    A few years back, YouTube had already announced that it serves 100 million videos per day. For a site that gets this much traffic, wouldn’t it be a great idea to market your site here?

    Video Titan is a specialized program created to assist its clientele by putting together a video marketing strategy to drive more traffic to their website. It will execute the best method to utilize multimedia to communicate their message. Ready to get a piece of the video marketing pie? We’d be happy to help.

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    Adobe CS5 Photoshop
    Learn from the Professionals!

    A skill set is one of the most essiential assets that one could possess.

    What skill set should i pickup to assist my business growth?

    Learn photoshop, period. For the longest time, photoshop was used in almost every form of media marketing, be it printed or internet platform.


  • Employers- Sending your staff for the course will save you money in your marketing campaign in the long run
  • Students- Learn from the professionals that are in touch with the current market and trend.
  • Individuals- If you are starting your own business , you can design your own namecard, poster, campany logo, etc etc.., If you are looking for a job it will be a plus point in your resume.

    Offline Marketing

    Have you received pamplets in your letter box?

    One of the longest standing advertising method around, why? Because it Works!

    We are working with Singpost to send neighbourhood updates, showcasing your service and products to your target area.
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    Tailored solution for your Business

    There's no one marketing strategy that suits all business models. Give us a call, and we can have our marketing consultants analyze and give you advice on the most effective methods.

    All you need to do - Register for our free Marketing Consultation (A free service that lets you know what marketing soultions are available in the market and how you can bring your business to the next level.)


     We design and create your website in CMS (Content Management System) which owner can update the site easily without any programming knowledge.

    Traffic for your sites

     Website traffic is an important factor in determining how effective your website is. We do traffic blasting which is great for clientele marketing campaign

    Video Titan

    The potential for Video marketing is as vast as the sky but is neglected in most campaigns; use our Video Titans services and crash your competitor with this unfair advantages.

    List Building

     Build a list around clientele's niche, which they can email their promotion/services over and over again. We accomplished that by building a custom squeeze page to collect vistor's name and emails.

    Google Adwords

    Get more exposure for your website by creating Google advertising campaigns. We'll handle everything from selecting your important keywords to managing your budget and campaign.

    Off line Marketing

    Creating physical advertising campaigns to get more exposure outside of the internet. We'll handle design , printing and work with Singpost to get the advertising material post to your prospects' home.

    We are here to Help!


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